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At 7 months old, Amelia Woody, of Scranton, was sick and inconsolable. After several visits to her pediatrician, her family took her to the local community hospital. During her brief hospital stay she lost the ability to move her legs and was immediately transferred to Geisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital.

An MRI showed a large tumor pressing against her spine. Pediatric oncologists diagnosed Amelia with a type of cancer called neuroblastoma. Amelia had surgery to remove the tumor and began chemotherapy immediately. Doctors feared that the tumor had caused irreparable damage to Amelia’s spine and only gave her a 5 percent chance of walking. Following several treatments and during a hospital stay, Amelia wiggled her toe while lying in a hospital crib. Today, at 4 years old, Amelia is able to walk, run and keep up with her two older sisters.

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Donations to Children’s Miracle Network at Geisinger have provided comfort items such as recliners and sofa beds in all rooms at the children’s hospital, which were used by Amelia’s parents as they stayed by her side during her hospital stays.

Amelia Woody
Amelia Woody