College volunteers

Geisinger offers volunteer opportunities for students currently enrolled or seeking to enroll in healthcare-related programs at the college or university level. A minimum commitment of 50 hours over the course of one semester is required. To apply, complete the online application.

The volunteer will need to complete and submit the following before beginning:

  • Health screening, including a drug screening for drug and nicotine
  • Pennsylvania background check
  • FBI fingerprinting (if PA resident for 10 years or more, this is waived)
  • Disclosure statement (if FBI fingerprinting requirement is waived)
  • Pennsylvania child abuse history clearance

The college volunteer program at Geisinger is competitive. We do our best to accommodate each student’s interests and needs. However, students may not be placed in their first area of choice.  

Volunteering does not always lead to a paid position. If you are interested in a paid position, visit

A Geisinger volunteer coordinator will contact you for an interview once we have received your application.