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Environmental stewardship

From hiking trails to restoration of local streams and healing gardens, we’re improving our environment and providing relaxing spaces for our patients, visitors and community members to enjoy. 

What is environmental stewardship?

Environmental stewardship involves protecting and improving our natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices. Examples of stewardship can include recycling, buying from local farms or growing your own food and even walking or bicycling more.

Why it’s important

At Geisinger, we’re committed to improving the health of the communities we serve. And through environmental stewardship projects, we can boost the well-being of our patients, visitors and community members, improve the environment for local wildlife and preserve the land we all share.
Here are just a few examples of our stewardship projects:

Geisinger stewardship forest and trails

Established in 1994, the Geisinger Forest Stewardship Plan conserves more than 300 acres of wooded land in Montour County (Danville, Pa.), which we manage as part of the Pennsylvania Stewardship Forest. The forest protects the local ground water supply and provides 12 miles of recreational trails for our community to enjoy. 

Stream restoration

When the Sechler’s Run stream at our Geisinger Woodbine Lane clinic in Danville was flooding during heavy rains and the land was eroding, our teams partnered with many local organizations and environmental agencies to reconstruct and restore it. To restore the stream and improve the environment, our teams:
  • Reconstructed the stream to allow it to rise without causing damage and traffic delays
  • Planted native plants to help fight erosion
  • Created a fish habitat
  • Created a nature trail on the property for patients, visitors and employees to enjoy
This project is one of a few stream restorations we’ve completed and recently won the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence.

Healing gardens

At several of our hospitals and clinics, we’ve created healing gardens to provide quiet, meditative spaces for our patients, visitors and employees. 
Research has shown that being in nature improves well-being by:
  • Reducing anger, fear and stress
  • Improving emotional well-being
  • Reducing blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension
Healing gardens also help improve the environment by releasing oxygen into the air (and reducing carbon dioxide) as well as providing a habitat for wildlife. 
Healing garden at Geisinger

Want to support sustainability in your community?

Many of our environmental conservation and sustainability projects wouldn’t be possible without the help of generous donors. 
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