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Reduce, reuse and recycle

From recycling office paper and cardboard to installing water bottle filling stations throughout our facilities, here are a few ways we’re lowering our carbon footprint.

The benefits of recycling 

Recycling isn’t just good for the environment. It’s also good for those living in it. Here are just a few benefits of recycling:
  • It reduces the amount of waste we send to the landfill.
  • It reduces pollution (decomposing garbage produces carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane).
  • It conserves valuable resources.
  • It saves energy, because it takes less energy to recycle than it does to make something new out of raw materials.

How we reduce, reuse and recycle

At Geisinger, our goal is to reduce what we send to the landfill and reduce our impact on the environment. We also provide opportunities for our patients, visitors and employees to make environmentally sustainable choices. 
In 2019, we were honored to receive the Practice Greenhealth Partner for Change Award, which recognizes organizations for their achievements in environmental sustainability and mercury elimination.
Here are a few ways we’re doing our part:
Refurbishing, donating or recycling electronics - Many of our computers and electronic devices are either refurbished and donated, or the parts are recycled. 
Reusing and recycling oil - Used oil from Geisinger fleet vehicles heats our automotive shop in Danville. Any extra oil is recycled.
Recycling - We recycle materials such as lightbulbs, aluminum, paper products (office paper, newspapers, magazines, etc.) and plastics.
Medical equipment recovery program - Our medical equipment recovery program puts inactive medical equipment to good use — whether at Geisinger or at another organization.
Reusing and recycling medical devices - Many medical devices (N95 masks, for example) are collected for reprocessing. When reprocessed, they are cleaned and tested so they can be reused safely more than once. The devices are then recycled when they can no longer be used.
Bottle filling stations - We’ve installed water bottle filling stations in many of our facilities to encourage the use of reusable water bottles and reduce disposable plastic bottles.
Eliminating mercury – We’ve eliminated mercury from our facilities. We’ve also replaced toxic chemicals like ethylene oxide, xylene and glutaraldehyde with equally effective, environmentally friendly sterilization options.
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