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Sponsorships & charitable contributions at Geisinger

Geisinger is committed to supporting community initiatives by funding activities, programs, or services that benefit the residents in our service area. Geisinger’s community giving program identifies and supports worthy community opportunities in a thoughtful, effective and efficient manner that will have a positive impact on our communities.


Sponsorship guidelines 

Funding for all sponsorships are managed and accounted by the Geisinger Marketing & Communications Department.

A sponsorship is often direct financial support or in-kind services to a tax-exempt organization – a 501(c)(3) or limited 501(c)(4). The intention of the donation is to support Geisinger’s mission of enhancing the quality of life of those living in within the regions we serve. It also includes areas where Geisinger employees live and work, since their knowledge of opportunities to support various communities helps us meet specific community needs. Key areas of interest for our Geisinger sponsorships include supporting organizations focused on education, health and culture.

Sponsorships may include such activities as:

  • Chamber events, directory listing and memberships
  • Commemorative publications
  • Health fairs
  • Community outreach
  • Breakfasts, lunches, dinners/galas
  • Speakers series/lectures
  • Races (e.g., 5Ks, marathons, etc.)

Information to review

  • Community Health Needs Assessment
  • Key community health issues: Food insecurity and healthy choices, transportation, housing stability, opioid prevention and treatment, promotion of physical activity
Sponsorship funding and request limitations

A limit of one sponsorship request per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) should be submitted. Sponsorships for multiple events should be bundled into one request and submitted for consideration in the January before the new fiscal year.

Non-supported sponsorship requests include:

  • External organizations that do not qualify for tax-exempt status (unless they are wholly owned by or are a subsidiary of Geisinger)
  • Internal Geisinger events or programs
  • Individual or family requests in a fundraising event or activity
  • Travel expenses
  • Religious activity (except Geisinger Holy Spirit)
  • General operating expenses
  • Political organizations, PACs, parties, committees, candidates or office holders
  • Programs or services designed to promote or enhance sectarian causes
  • Memorials or endowments
  • Events or organizations outside the service area
  • Labor groups
  • Field trip or tours
  • Golf tournaments, hole sponsors, indoor mini-golf
  • Local youth sports not associated with a school district and adult sport teams ( e.g., baseball, softball, basketball, cheerleading, gymnastics, cycling, running)
  • Internal Geisinger-affiliated initiatives
    • Geisinger will not approve the use of Geisinger funds to be used as sponsorship for Geisinger based partnerships/initiatives. For example, Geisinger funds should not be used as sponsorship support for events sponsored by Geisinger-affiliated partnerships including (but not limited to) galas and dinner dances. These expenses should be personal and not be charged to Geisinger corporate cards as expenses or submitted for reimbursement.
Charitable contribution guidelines

Funding for all charitable contributions are managed and accounted by Geisinger Health Foundation.

A charitable contribution supports tax-exempt organizations that qualify for 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) exemption. Areas of interest include the support of community organizations which enhance Geisinger’s focus on patient care and population health in geographic areas in which a significant portion of Geisinger employees live and work. Organizations seeking support must demonstrate that they effectively meet an important community need. Organizations may also meet the criteria for support if they provide a benefit within a community in which Geisinger has a strategic focus.

Information to review

  • Community Health Needs Assessment
  • Key Community Health Issues: Food insecurity and healthy choices, transportation, housing stability, opioid prevention and treatment, promotion of physical activity
Charitable contribution funding and request limitations

A limit of one charitable contribution request per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) should be submitted. Sponsorships for multiple events should be bundled into one request and submitted in January prior to the new fiscal year for consideration.

Non-supported charitable contribution requests include:

  • Individuals
  • Organizations that do not qualify for a 501(c)(3) for 501(c)(4) exemption, unless the contribution to such organization is in furtherance of the tax-exempt purpose of the contributing Geisinger entity as provided below
  • Organizations, programs or services designed to promote or enhance sectarian causes
  • Political organizations, parties, committees or candidates and public office holders
  • Service clubs
  • Operating funds
  • Organizations receiving support from the United Way (except in certain instances for capital projects or other extraordinary projects/programs)
  • Labor groups
  • Organizations whose primary purpose is to influence legislation
  • Goodwill advertising in pieces such as souvenir programs, yearbooks and event programs (this type of request should be submitted as a sponsorship)
  • A non-Geisinger organization when the charitable contributions will result in a pecuniary gain or profit, indirect or otherwise to the members, directors or officers of any Geisinger entity
Sponsorship and charitable contribution criteria

Requests must meet Geisinger’s policies and strategic priorities to promote a positive impact on the community. In addition to following Geisinger’s policies, it should promote one or more of the following:

  • Engagement: Academic preparation, collaborative partnership, community benefit, government relations, health promotion and outreach
  • Marketing: Alignment with the organization’s strategic priorities; potential to increase awareness and/or name recognition
  • Advancement: Cultivating new sources of future philanthropic support and supporting key partners
Sponsorship and charitable contribution request

All requests must be submitted by a staff or board member of the organization requesting support. Requests submitted by Geisinger staff will not be considered. If a Geisinger staff member is supportive of the request, they can be named a Geisinger Champion on the application.

Requests should include the following:

  • Completed Sponsorship and Charitable Contribution application
  • W-9 Form (dated 2018 in top left corner of form)
  • Sponsorship requests must include a breakdown of all sponsorship levels and the benefits associated with each level

Requests that do not provide a 60-day time allowance for review before the deadline for decision date will not be considered. The deadline for decision date must be before the event, and any other deadlines associated with the request (e.g., receipt of logos or ads).

Review and selection process

Decisions are based on the criteria mentioned previously. However, due to the overwhelming number of requests and limited availability of funds, a request may be denied even if it fits the criteria.

Official notification of approval or denial will come in the form of an email no later than 45 days post-deadline date.

Direct questions to:

Marketing and Communications:


Please adjust your deadlines to accommodate for a 60-day time allowance for review. If the appropriate time allowance is not given, your request will be denied.

This application is intended for the requesting organization to complete. A Geisinger employee can be named as the champion, if applicable.