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Our not-for-profit mission

Our century-old mission to care for this region is rooted in our establishment as a not-for-profit provider of care. But what does that mean? For us, it's simple. Being a not-for-profit provider of care means:

  • Patients and their families, and the care they receive, come first.
  • We reinvest every dollar we make back into the care we provide and the communities we serve including:
    • The best technology
    • Highly qualified professional and compassionate doctors, nurses, technicians and other employees
    • New facilities and partnerships with facilities so that care is brought closer to where patients live and work
    • A culture of innovative care
  • We are accountable to the people of our communities - not to shareholders.
  • We work to be wise stewards of our dollars, finding efficiencies wherever possible while still delivering high quality care. Our ProvenCare® innovation is a prime example of this kind of care.
  • We do not refuse care to any patient, regardless of his or her ability to pay.

Our not-for-profit model of care is one that the nation is watching because it has led to clinical and financial success. We are proud to share that success with our communities by contributing $856.7 million in community support during the year ended June 30, 2017 - which is 14.69 percent of our operating expenses and nearly three times greater than the amount of community service necessary to meet Pennsylvania's standards as a charitable mission.