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Story ideas and photo opportunities for October

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Put it to the test: Breast cancer is a battle that 1 in 8 women will fight in their lifetime. Research shows that there are many types of breast cancer—but there are also several ways to screen for it. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Geisinger specialists are discussing screening methods beyond the mammogram (and why mammograms aren’t foolproof) and why, even after it’s detected and treated, breast cancer can return to the breast or another part of the body.  

A different kind of checkup: Seeing your doctor regularly can help you prevent health issues before they become more serious. But your virtual health could also use a checkup from time to time. From email to cellphones to smart speakers, our virtual footprints keep getting bigger That means more ways for hackers and cyber criminals to reach us. During Cyber Security Awareness Month in October, Geisinger specialists can discuss the latest cyber threats and practical steps to take to stay healthy online and protect your personal information. We know because we do it every day.

Playing with numbers: As the number on your scale climbs, your likelihood of dealing with health problems increases. One weight-related condition is Type 2 diabetes, which causes its own host of complications. That’s why it’s so important to treat diabetes, attempt to reverse it and prevent it from starting in the first place. This month, Geisinger specialists are exploring the early signs of Type 2 diabetes, lifestyle changes to prevent it and how bariatric surgery can actually reverse this chronic condition. 

Aching for relief: It’s not uncommon for aches and pains to creep into our daily lives—especially as we get older. Is that knee pain I felt during the pickup game of basketball normal or not? What about the lower back pain that hits every morning? During Bone and Joint Health Action Week, Oct. 12-20, we’re exploring these questions and more. Learn from Geisinger specialists what’s normal, what’s not and when it’s time to see a doctor—as well as what treatment may look like. 

Get down with the sickness: Fall brings pumpkin-spice-everything and cool, comfortable weather. But along with the good parts of fall come the not so good parts—it’s the start of cold and flu season. A bad cold or a case of the flu can leave you contagious for several days and feeling bad for much longer. Geisinger specialists are sharing tips to avoid cold, flu and other illness completely with good hygiene and a flu shot, as well as what to do when you come down with an illness this season. Hint: Stay home from work or school!  

When Halloween comes back to haunt:
Halloween is supposed to be creepy and spooky—but some of the lasting effects of the holiday can be downright frightening. This year, Geisinger specialists  are covering tricks and treats of Halloween, including why you should stay away from “fun” colored contacts, and the problems that too much high-fructose corn syrup or food dye can cause in your kids. 

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