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Media Tip Sheet

Story ideas and photo opportunities for April

April is Autism Awareness Month

On the spectrum: You’ve heard that autism is a spectrum disorder, which means there’s a lot of variation in the type and severity of symptoms. This can make it more difficult to diagnose autism—but early intervention is key to managing the developmental disorder. During National Autism Awareness Month in April, Geisinger experts can discuss what a spectrum disorder is, how it’s diagnosed and how early intervention can impact a person’s life. 

Feel it out: Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men between 15 and 35. The great news is it’s highly treatable—but only if it’s caught before it spreads throughout the body. During Testicular Cancer Awareness Month in April, Geisinger experts can review what puts men at risk for testicular cancer, how it’s treated, how it could affect fertility and—importantly—what men should do to find it early.  

Let’s talk about sex: Now that we have your attention, let’s chat about something important: sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). While some STDs might seem like no big deal, we’re learning that others can contribute to cancer. The worst part? Some people can be STD carriers who don’t show symptoms and pass diseases on to others without knowing it. During STD Awareness Month in April, Geisinger experts can discuss which STDs increase your risk of cancer—and how you can prevent them. 

G.I. Oh!: Take your average day and add stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea and constipation. That’s what it’s like for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). IBS is a digestive disorder with a range of symptoms and triggers that can be difficult to pinpoint and diagnose—which means treating IBS is also tricky. During IBS Awareness Month in April, Geisinger experts can discuss IBS, how it’s treated and why women are more prone to it than men. 

Body movin’:
Temps are rising and it’s once again time to enjoy the great outdoors. Exercising in any form is an excellent way to get and stay healthy—and you might be surprised just how little effort you have to put in to help you maintain a healthy weight, prevent or manage health issues and even improve your mood. This spring, Geisinger experts can discuss some of the more surprising health benefits of walking and review some tips on how to stay healthy if you’re planning to exercise more vigorously.  

We are family: When it comes to figuring out if you’re prone to getting some diseases, it’s all about family. Your DNA—the genetic makeup of you—offers clues to your health, as well as insights into what types of conditions you could pass on to your children. On April 25, also known as DNA Day, we’re celebrating how genetics are helping us learn more about how to prevent and treat some diseases. Experts at Geisinger can discuss the types of diseases tied to your DNA, what genetic counseling is and why your doctor would recommend genetic testing for you.

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