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DANVILLE, PA -- A portal to Geisinger's 100-year history was literally opened Wednesday.

Contents from a 1913 George F. Geisinger Memorial Hospital time capsule were revealed during a ceremony at Geisinger Medical Center. It included photographs and documents from hospital founder Abigail Geisinger and her husband George F. Geisinger.

Geisinger Health Foundation Board Chair William H. Alexander and GHS President and CEO David T. Feinberg spoke at the event.

"Mrs. Geisinger, Dr. (Harold) Foss (first chief of staff) and our predecessors at Geisinger definitely shaped the future of health care and have made life better for our patients over the past 100 years," Dr. Feinberg said. "Today, as we move into our second century of service, we have that same opportunity and responsibility to build upon the legacy created since 1915."

A new time capsule will be buried at a future date in GMC's new Alec Ewing Healing Garden. Its contents will include items that salute contemporary Geisinger patients, employees and events from across the system.

Contents from the original time capsule included:

  • Photograph of George F. Geisinger
  • Photograph of Abigail A. Geisinger
  • Photograph of John H. Brugler, the architect
  • Photograph of the residence of Abigail Geisinger
  • Photograph of the proposed George F. Geisinger Memorial Hospital
  • A groundbreaking photo from the George F. Geisinger Memorial Hospital
  • A collection of coins from the time period
  • Plans and specifications of the new building
  • A copy of The Morning News from Sept. 1, 1913
  • A copy of the Philadelphia Press from Sept. 1, 1913

Contents from the new time capsule will include:

  • Genetics/genomics innovations, particularly the MyCode® Community Health Initiative
  • Dr. Feinberg's employee orientation video
  • Centennial commemorative items
  • 2015 generational nursing calendar
  • Photographs from all hospitals across the system
  • A map of the Geisinger System Services and Geisinger Health Plan service area
  • An Abigail Geisinger centennial flagpole banner
  • A DVD of the WYOU Children's Miracle Network Telethon
  • DVDs of WVIA Geisinger-related programming
  • Annual reports
  • Copies of the books "Reinventing Health Care: Geisinger 2001-2015" and "Make It the Best"
  • Photos of the contents from the 1913 time capsule
  • Programs from system special events
  • National news coverage from major Geisinger stories

About Geisinger
Geisinger is committed to making better health easier for the more than 1 million people it serves. Founded more than 100 years ago by Abigail Geisinger, the system now includes 10 hospital campuses, a health plan with more than half a million members, a research institute and the Geisinger College of Health Sciences, which includes schools of medicine, nursing and graduate education. With more than 25,000 employees and 1,700+ employed physicians, Geisinger boosts its hometown economies in Pennsylvania by billions of dollars annually. Learn more at or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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