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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

DANVILLE, PA -- Every year, websites and the Social Security Administration (SSA) present lists of the trendiest baby names in the nation. But what about locally? This year, Geisinger Health System (GHS) tabulated the most popular names of the more than 4,000 babies delivered at its hospitals throughout 2015.

Adalynn earned the top spot for girls, followed by Emma. Meanwhile, Jackson was the winning moniker for boys by a landslide. Forty-nine baby boys were named variations of Jackson, while the second-place boy name, Liam, occurred only 29 times.

See the lists below for the top 10 names throughout GHS, as well as the trendiest names at each of Geisinger's four hospitals, Geisinger-Bloomsburg Hospital, Bloomsburg; Geisinger-Lewistown Hospital, Lewistown; Geisinger Medical Center, Danville; and Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, Plains Twp.

Geisinger Health System (all hospitals) - female

1. Adalynn
2. Emma
3. Isabella
4. Mia
5. Aubrey
6. Madelyn
7. Ava
8. Sophia
9. Olivia
10. Lily

Geisinger Health System (all hospitals) - male

1. Jackson
2. Liam
3. Mason
4. Aidan
5. Gabriel
6. Hunter
7. Logan
8. Noah
9. Lucas
10. Bentley

Geisinger-Bloomsburg Hospital, Bloomsburg - female
1. Isabella
2. Kylie
3. Mia
4. Adalynn
5. Addison
6. Aubree
7. Lacey
8. Lillian
9. Lily
10. Olivia

Geisinger-Bloomsburg Hospital, Bloomsburg - male
1. Liam
2. Wyatt
3. Mason
4. Brentley
5. Caleb
6. Dylan
7. Jackson
8. Lincoln
9. Lucas
10. Oliver

Geisinger Medical Center, Danville - female
1. Emma
2. Adalyn
3. Ava
4. Aubrey
5. Olivia
6. Sophia
7. Amelia
8. Avery
9. Harper
10. Isabella

Geisinger Medical Center, Danville - male
1. Jackson
2. Liam
3. Gabriel
4. Logan
5. Luke
6. Alexander
7. Carter
8. Mason
9. Benjamin
10. Bentley

Geisinger-Lewistown Hospital, Lewistown - female
1. Ava
2. Aubrey
3. Brooklyn
4. Hannah
5. Lillian
6. Madison
7. Paisley
8. Emma
9. Leah
10. Madelyn

Geisinger-Lewistown Hospital, Lewistown - male
1. Jackson
2. Jacob
3. Hunter
4. Mason
5. Noah
6. Aaron
7. Braxton
8. Eli
9. Gabriel
10. William

Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, Plains Twp. - female

1. Mia
2. Isabella
3. Lily
4. Sophia
5. Abigail
6. Addison
7. Emma
8. Aubrey
9. Olivia
10. Adalyn

Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, Plains Twp. - male

1. Jackson
2. Hunter
3. David
4. Noah
5. Aidan
6. Jace
7. Liam
8. Mason
9. Logan
10. Anthony

To find these results, we combined different spelling variations of the same sounding name. For example, the ranking for Adalynn also includes variations Adalinn, Adalyn, Addalyn and Addalynn. While Jackson also includes variations such as Jacksen, Jaxon, Jaxson and Jaxxon. Many of the other names on the list include multiple spellings.

In comparison, website recently released that the most popular names of 2015 as reported by their subscribers were Sophia for girls and Jackson for boys. The SSA typically releases a list of most popular names based on applications for Social Security numbers later in the year. The most recent listing available from the SSA ranks the most popular names of 2014 as Emma and Mason for Pennsylvania, and Emma and Noah nationwide.

About Geisinger
Geisinger is among the nation’s leading providers of value-based care, serving 1.2 million people in urban and rural communities across Pennsylvania. Founded in 1915 by philanthropist Abigail Geisinger, the non-profit system generates $10 billion in annual revenues across 134 care sites - including 10 hospital campuses, and Geisinger Health Plan, with 600,000 members in commercial and government plans. The Geisinger College of Health Sciences educates more than 5,000 medical professionals annually and conducts more than 1,400 clinical research studies. With 26,000 employees, including 1,600 employed physicians, Geisinger is among Pennsylvania’s largest employers with an estimated economic impact of $14 billion to the state’s economy. On March 31, 2024, Geisinger became the first member of Risant Health, a new nonprofit charitable organization created to expand and accelerate value-based care across the country.  Learn more at or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and X.

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