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CAMP HILL, Pa. –  Geisinger Holy Spirit has opened an infectious diseases clinic at 890 Poplar Church Road, Suite 100, Camp Hill.

Mohammad Ali, M.D., and Ena Saini, M.D., specialize in treating all types of infections, including bloodstream infections, complicated urinary tract infections, endocarditis, HIV and AIDS, and antibiotic-resistant infections. They also have specialized insight into the use of antibiotics and their effects.

“The diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of infectious diseases is one of the toughest and most important challenges facing healthcare professionals in today’s world,” said Stanley Martin, M.D., director of Geisinger’s Division of Infectious Diseases. “The evolution of antibiotic resistance, new diagnostic technologies, and the ever-present challenge of emerging microbes have an enormous impact on patient safety and outcomes in every clinical setting. Our infectious diseases specialists will help bridge the gap between routine care and achieving excellence for our patients.”

To make an appointment, call 717-972-4215.
Dr. Mohammed Ali
Dr. Mohammad Ali
Dr. Ena Saini
Dr. Ena Saini