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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

By: J. Edward Hartle, M.D., Executive vice president and chief medical officer at Geisinger

As doctors, we have an inherent love of learning. We’re naturally curious problem-solvers, and we’re driven by a desire to help people. This last year no doubt brought unprecedented challenges, and it taught us even more about our calling: we have true gratitude for our colleagues, and we love our community. 

Behind the mask of any Geisinger physician, you’ll find an expert who dedicates their life to serving our community, even through the most exhausting, uncertain times.

On National Doctors’ Day, March 30, I thank the countless doctors — from our outpatient to our inpatient providers, our trainees and our medical school students — who have made sacrifices for their patients. At Geisinger, our doctors are so much more than healthcare providers. They’re caregivers, confidants, friends and healers. They’re also heroes.  

With true grace under pressure, they’ve adapted the way in which they deliver care during COVID-19, while always continuing to provide the high-quality care the community trusts and our patients seek. It’s also the support that doctors receive from their colleagues throughout our organization that allows them to do what they do best at Geisinger – make better health easier for our patients and community.

Our doctors’ ingenuity is remarkable. The pandemic pushed our teams to innovate with new technology including protective equipment and 3D printing, as well as using our data for research that influences care decisions. 

Our doctors’ dedication is inspiring. While our teams continue fighting the pandemic on the frontlines, our specialists and primary care providers help our patients keep their own health on track by using telemedicine to safely and virtually visit them at home. 
Our doctors’ compassion has no doubt motivated a new generation to study the miracle of modern medicine. And our doctors have gained the trust of their own communities, who have sent hundreds of notes to our teams across Pennsylvania. Here are just a couple of them:

  • “I just wanted to share my deep gratitude for the work you’re doing to care for people in our community. And to care for all of you, I will spread the message for everyone in our community to do everything we can to stop the spread of COVID-19.” 
  • “Thank you, heroes, for keeping our community as safe as possible amid intense uncertainty. I sincerely appreciate everything you do for my loved ones. We see you, we care about you and we are here for you.”

Like the notes above, I too thank our doctors for their heroism — today and tomorrow, and each day after.  

Dr. J. Edward Hartle
Dr. J. Edward Hartle
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