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Geisinger launches advanced AI risk model to enhance screening for lung cancer

TEL AVIV, Israel and DANVILLE, Pa. – Medial EarlySign, a pioneering company developing AI-based clinical predictive analytics, and Geisinger, an integrated health care system, announced today the launch of the LungFlag AlgoMarker. LungFlag identifies patients at high risk for respiratory or pulmonary illnesses, such as lung cancer, by analyzing routine data from the electronic health record (EHR).  

Working together with Geisinger, Medial EarlySign designed the LungFlag program to enable earlier interventions. Early intervention is central to Geisinger’s value-based care model, leading to improved clinical outcomes, higher patient satisfaction and decreased costs.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide, but many lung cancers are detected too late, and screening rates remain relatively low despite considerable public health efforts. LungFlag was designed to enhance the effectiveness with which Geisinger screens for cancer, allowing for the identification and targeting of high-risk patients and enabling the right care to be delivered to those who need it the most. 

LungFlag is the latest addition to EarlySign’s expanding platform of validated clinical solutions impacting the early diagnosis of serious diseases. Other existing solutions target influenza complications, diabetes, and lower GI disorders including colorectal cancer.  

“Our work with Medial EarlySign is helping us to address some of healthcare’s most pressing issues and provide exceptional outcomes for our patients,” said David Vawdrey, Ph.D., chief data informatics officer for Geisinger. “We share their evidence-based approach to developing and evaluating predictive models to benefit patient care.” 

“We are honored to work with Geisinger to bring forth solutions that identify and enrich subpopulations who could benefit from earlier treatment and to identify and prioritize patients when interventions stand more chance of halting or preventing the serious complications from the onset of lung disease,” said Ori Geva, chief executive officer and co-founder of EarlySign. “EarlySign’s ongoing collaboration with Geisinger is built on a shared commitment for innovation geared to improve care. By introducing predictive AI into clinical workflows and creating personalized value-based care, we are making significant strides to address and assist the improvement of lung cancer screening efforts and to increase early detection and participation.”

About Medial EarlySign
Medial EarlySign’s clinical machine learning software solutions help healthcare stakeholders keep patients healthier longer. With EarlySign’s models, healthcare clients derive actionable and personalized clinical insights from massive amounts of health data leading to potential improvements in meaningful care, outcomes, and optimal diagnostic and medication use. The company's purpose-built development environment enables better decision making with accurate, explainable models supported by peer-reviewed research published by internationally recognized health organizations and hospitals.

About Geisinger
Geisinger is committed to making better health easier for the more than 1 million people it serves. Founded more than 100 years ago by Abigail Geisinger, the system now includes 10 hospital campuses, a health plan with more than half a million members, a research institute and the Geisinger College of Health Sciences, which includes schools of medicine, nursing and graduate education. With more than 25,000 employees and 1,700+ employed physicians, Geisinger boosts its hometown economies in Pennsylvania by billions of dollars annually. Learn more at or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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