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Health and medical

We provide you with nationally recognized healthcare at a low cost.

We offer a comprehensive suite of healthcare benefits, including medical, prescription drug, vision and dental coverage. And with our healthcare benefits, you’ll also receive care from one of the top innovative healthcare systems in the country.

  • Affordable premiums: Our medical premiums are up to 40 percent less than the national average. 
  • Free labs and low deductibles and copays: Geisinger’s Provider Choice Plan features individual deductibles as low as $500, primary care copays as low as $5 and specialty care copays as low as $25. Our labs and diagnostic services are free. 
  • Ways to save: We offer many ways to save on premiums and out-of-pocket costs, including lower premiums with our wellness program, lower copays with our mail-order pharmacy, flexible spending accounts and a free drug program.