Questions about eligibility and enrollment?
We'll come to you with answers.

Enrollment in LIFE Geisinger is dependent on the older adult meeting certain eligibility requirements.

To determine if your aging loved one is eligible, we invite you to talk with one of our professionals. Just call us toll free at 1-800-395-8759 for LIFE Geisinger Scranton or 1-866-230-6465 for LIFE Geisinger Kulpmont and we'll set up a time to visit you at your home. For hearing impaired, call 570-271-8084.

Our enrollment specialists will review eligibility requirements, listen to your specific needs, and answer all your questions.

Next Steps

Once you have met with a LIFE Geisinger representative, there are just a few more steps to determine if our program is right for you or your loved one.  After your initial home meeting with our LIFE Geisinger representative, enrollment involves the following steps.

  1. Because LIFE Geisinger is dedicated to serving only frail older adults who need long-term care and are eligible for nursing home care, the local Area Agency on Aging must confirm their medical eligibility for the program after our assessment. The local County Assistance Office will determine their financial eligibility for the program, if applicable.
  2. Our health team works with you to identify the older adult's health needs and goals for achieving the best quality of life. If our program services match their needs, we'll map out the types of services and schedule that might work best for you and your loved one
  3. Enrollment and final approval involves answering any final questions you have and
    signing the Enrollment Agreement.

Two Things to Remember

For individuals enrolled in Medicaid, the LIFE services are fully covered. However, enrollment in the LIFE program is not limited to individuals who are eligible for, or already enrolled in Medicaid and/or Medicare. Persons not in Medicaid and/or Medicare must privately pay some, or all, of the LIFE services premium.

Since LIFE Geisinger provides comprehensive care for its participants, enrollment means leaving (disenrolling) any other Medicare or Medical Assistance health plan. However, the participant (with the caregiver's assistance) can change back to another appropriate Medicare/Medical Assistance program at any time. Assistance is provided to help caregivers make arrangements in that event.

Area Agency on Aging
PA County Medical Assistance Offices
Programs for All-Inclusive Care of the Elderly (PACE)