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For current RN diploma students only

School of Nursing FAQs 

How long is the program?

Our program is a 2-year (6-semester), full-time nursing program, with classes offered during the day and during the summer. In order to graduate with your diploma, you’ll need to complete 88 total credits and pass the NCLEX.

How much does the program cost?

The total cost of our program is approximately $33,000. This estimate includes items such as tuition, fees, uniforms and books. It does not, however, include general education costs. You can expect to pay about an additional $10,000 for those courses.

Do I have to be an LPN before coming to your program?

No! With our general RN program, you don’t need to be an LPN. Many of our students have little to no college education or certifications when they enter our program.

However, to participate in our advanced placement LPN program (LPN to RN), you do need to be an LPN with an active license in good standing. Our LPN advanced placement program means you can waive certain intro classes if you’re a qualifying LPN.

Do you have housing?

While we don’t offer student housing, our staff can provide you with a listing of rentals in the area.

How many students do you accept yearly?

To keep student-to-teacher ratios low and offer a more hands-on class environment, we accept between 30 to 40 students each year.

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