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Acceptance to the program

The office of undergraduate admissions will review all admission materials. Geisinger seeks to admit talented, community-minded students who wish to pursue the nursing profession using a holistic review of students’ metrics, attributes and experiences.

If you meet these requirements, we may invite you for an interview. During the interview process, you’ll meet with faculty members to discuss your motivation, personal qualities, academic potential and aptitude for the nursing profession.

The admissions committee will select the best candidates to offer program admission: those who demonstrate a commitment to the nursing profession and who have scholastic aptitude.

Candidates will be notified of the committee’s decision no later than May 1.

Requirements of accepted students

  1. Pay the $150 enrollment deposit by May 1 to secure a seat. Enrollment deposits are refundable until May 1.
  2. Complete and submit pre-entrance medical screening requirements (see GCHS MD and Nursing Pre-Matriculation Health Forms).
  3. Have current CPR certification that you must maintain throughout the program.
  4. Maintain up-to-date malpractice insurance throughout the program. You’ll need to show proof of medical insurance, and it must be maintained throughout the program.
  5. Submit and pass all required background checks. (See GCHS Policy on Criminal Background Check and Drug Screening)
  6. Show proof of US citizenship or permanent residency of the United States if indicated.
  7. Meet GCHS SON technical standards with or without a reasonable accommodation. Any student with a disability must provide medical documentation detailing the disability and the type of accommodation needed to meet GCHS SON technical standards. Depending on the need for the accommodation, the Accessibilities Committee will review the information supplied by the student to determine their ability to meet the GCHS SON technical standards with reasonable accommodations.
  8. Have certain vaccinations that may be required. See the Student Policy on Immunizations.
  9. Immediately report to the Admissions Office any legal or academic actions taken against you from the time of application submission and matriculation at GCHS SON.
  10. Attend the GCHS SON orientation program.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have met all of the above requirements. Failure to do so may result in the rescinding of the admission offer.

Disclaimer: The Lewistown School of Nursing Diploma Program is in the process of merging into an Associate’s Degree of Nursing Program and federal funding is pending approval by the Department of Education until the merger is complete.