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Student Life

Committed to diversity, equity and inclusion

At Geisinger, we’re making better health easy. Whether it’s by meeting patients and health plan members where they are or helping them build healthier habits, we’re focused on helping everyone live their healthiest lives.

Geisinger has long recognized the value of — and embraced — diversity. We want our patients, members and employees to bring their most authentic selves wherever they go. We’re committed to:

  • Ensuring respect and inclusion are at the center of all we do
  • Promoting diversity in the workplace and in leadership
  • Offering cross-cultural training to help eliminate health disparities and provide the best care for every patient, every time

A diverse Geisinger workforce is essential for culturally competent care. The more inclusive we are, the better we can understand the people we serve.

Diversity encompasses much more than gender, race and ethnic background. It’s everything you can and can’t see. It includes cultural beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, age, size, physical and mental ability, social and economic status and diversity of thought. All these factors may influence people’s expectations, needs and preferences for their own health practices and the care we offer.

Geisinger is committed to providing culturally competent care to the 1.5 million people we care for each year. At our School of Nursing, you’ll learn how we deliver it.