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Student housing

Geisinger College of Health Sciences does not provide housing for students. Geisinger College of Health Sciences doesn’t inspect or investigate these property listings or property owners and doesn’t endorse any of the properties listed. Because the information contained in this listing was obtained from sources not associated with Geisinger College, the institution does not accept or assume responsibility for the accuracy of the material, the condition of the properties for lease, or the terms of the lease agreement.

Real estate agents

Area rental complexes

  • Open Hearth Manor (Lewistown), 717-242-0815
  • Forest Hills Apartments (Lewistown), 717-436-6982
  • Taylor Park Apartments (Reedsville), 717-667-2671
  • Apartment Complex (Lewistown), 717-348-8907 
  • The Gables (Lewistown), 717-475-2651 
  • Heritage Home Rentals (Reedsville), 717-435-2185

Area landlords

  • Chris Gisewhite, 717-242-4476
  • Jim Hill, 717-994-0560
  • Buck Headings, 717-242-0919
  • Janet Snyder, 717-248-3861 
  • Aaron Amspacker, 717-348-2284
  • Roger Parks, 717-250-7265
  • Frank Dingianni, 717-363-0716
  • Nick Bailey, 717-994-0095

Houses for rent or lease

  • Ben Hill, 610-731-4155
  • David Glick, 717-994-4023


  • Cassie Campbell, 717-248-9327
  • Callie Liendo, 570-556-7677
Disclaimer: The Lewistown School of Nursing Diploma Program is in the process of merging into an Associate’s Degree of Nursing Program and federal funding is pending approval by the Department of Education until the merger is complete.