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About #HadEnough

The beginning

“We've #HadEnough, have you?” Geisinger Health Plan (GHP) employees, began to ask as we witnessed more and more loved ones struggle with addiction to prescription pain killers (opioids) and heroin.     

With a strong desire to help stop this addiction problem, we initiated #HadEnough, a community-driven awareness campaign meant to educate communities about opioids and the dangers involved.

Its purpose

Launched October 2016, the #HadEnough campaign includes events, programs and projects focused on the awareness, education and prevention of opioid abuse. 

The voice of the community is at the heart of our message, giving communities the voice and power to stand together and say “We’ve #HadEnough of needlessly losing lives to addiction. We want to see changes to help prevent addiction, stop opioid abuse and help those who struggle.”

Its goals

Together, we are focused on four main goals for #HadEnough:

  • Raising awareness about opioids, the dangers involved and how many lives we’re losing to opioids and heroin abuse
  • Educating communities about what opioids are, how easy it is to abuse these prescription pain killers and how opioid abuse can lead to heroin addiction
  • Encouraging educational and helpful conversations between local experts and community members who are looking for an understanding and answers about addiction
  • Providing communities with educational materials, helpful programs and other useful resources to help those in need

Current programs

#HadEnough offers multiple programs, events and services. We continue to add more opportunities. Below are some of our current programs and offerings.

Educational materials

There is a lot to learn about opioids and addiction. We want to educate community members of all ages as much as we can.  Current materials are listed below. This is a work in progress, so check back for new materials. 

You can also learn more by viewing our education section. Or, click here to access a list of educational websites hosted by the government.  

School presentations

#HadEnough educates teenagers about opioids and the dangers involved. To build awareness among teenagers, our wellness team visits local schools to talk to students about opioid and heroin addiction in their "Too Good for Drugs" program.

If your school district is interested in a speaker to talk to students about the dangers of opioids, email or call 570-271-8135. We look forward to working with you.

More to come!

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