“We were still mourning our loss,” recalled Kelly Medici. After Spina Bifida took their first child at birth, Kelly and her husband were surprised two months later by a new pregnancy. “Shock, pain, fear, nervousness, excitement – we were feeling it all.” At her 18-week checkup, Kelly heard the news she had been fearing: her unborn daughter had Spina Bifida too. Dr. Arthur Maslow was a source of comfort to the couple and helped them develop a plan. “He put the ultrasound wand down, turned his chair to me, and said, ‘This is going to be okay.’” Baby Bella was born December 26, 2012, and underwent surgery to correct a small legion on her spine. “She started walking at 19 months and hasn’t stopped since. It’s beautiful, so beautiful,” said Kelly.  “And we’re so thankful.” #GeisingerStories 
Kelly Medici and her baby