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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

Jack the beagle enjoys company, particularly that of Geisinger's patient advocate team. They've gotten to know the old pup well over the past week - Jack's tail wags for a treat, a walk outside or a belly rub. He prefers to crawl under the covers when he sleeps. And he certainly misses his owner, who was recently hospitalized. The patient advocate team began fostering Jack when his owner was admitted to Geisinger Medical Center. Jack was left in the car, and his owner grew even more despondent. "I started to think about the fact that this was an emotional support dog. Being in a hospital is stressful and emotional - wouldn't he want his dog with him?" said Angie Miller, Geisinger's system liaison. It was an easy decision. Meet Jack, pet liaison. By day, he hangs out at the patient advocate team's office and visits his owner often to keep his spirits high. By night, he crashes at a patient advocate’s home. "Our security team even carries all of Jack's belongings every night to the car so we can be sure he is at 'home' - no matter where he is," Angie said. #GeisingerStories 
Jack the beagle
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