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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

“I was afraid and embarrassed,” explained Hunter Jones, 17, when she began suffering from stomach problems. “So I hid the pain from my parents.” One fateful day after school, Hunter nonchalantly mentioned to her mom, Maria, that she was unable to donate blood at her school’s blood drive. A red flag immediately went up for Maria, a nurse, and when the concerned parent investigated further, she discovered her daughter’s blood work revealed alarmingly low hemoglobin and iron levels. In fact, her levels were so low that Hunter should not have been capable of being the bright, physically fit and extremely active high school student that she was. Something clearly was wrong.
Today Hunter advises, “When something doesn’t feel right with your body, don’t delay. Speak up about it to your parents, a teacher, a coach, someone…anyone. Let it be known.”
Stay tuned for Part Two of Hunter’s incredible journey. #GeisingerStories
Hunter Jones
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