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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

Maureen T. “Bunny” Loughney bounces around the surgical suite at Geisinger South Wilkes-Barre, rhythmically checking charts, IVs and temperatures with the grace of a professional seasoned by the journeys of the hundreds of patients she’s cared for. After 50 years as a registered nurse, Bunny has taken the retirement carrot. 
“There’s so much longevity here,” she says. “This job can be very hard, very demanding. You go home with it. But it’s so fulfilling.” 
Bunny was born on Easter Sunday at the former Mercy Hospital, and it seems she “never left,” she jokes with a kind smile that will be missed by so many, including registered nurse Patrice Rimbey. “She brightens us every day,” Patrice says. “We’re so happy she’ll have more family time, but she’ll be missed immensely here. She’s been a wonderful role model.” As the clocks ticked down to the end of her final shift, the Kingston native reminisces about her days at the Pittston School of Nursing, beginning her career in the chemotherapy unit and transitioning to same-day surgery.  “I’d let any one of them take care of me,” Bunny says, gesturing to her longtime colleagues and friends. “They’re good people, and they always make it right.” Maureen is one of seven current Geisinger employees who are celebrating nearly 50 years of service. Thank you all for your talent, support and continued dedication. And from your family at Geisinger, best wishes on your retirement Maureen! #GeisingerStories #Geisingercaring
Maureen T. “Bunny” Loughney and team
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