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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

“If more people were open to being a living donor, we could save more lives together,” says Amanda Rakowski, an OR nurse at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center who donated a third of her own liver to eight-year-old Haley Jacob. Haley had been living with Autoimmune Hepatitis attacking her liver and her life was in grave danger. Amanda watched the horrific story unfold through the eye of Drs. Lisa and Glen Jacob, Haley’s parents and Amanda’s good friends and coworkers. Hearing Haley’s story broke Amanda’s heart. Both parents were not a match for liver donation, but Amanda was and knew she wanted to help her #GeisingerFamily. "I'm all about organ donation and I wanted to see if I was a match for Haley,” says Amanda. “I was scared. I was scared that something would happen to Haley and I wouldn’t be able to help her. I was scared that something would happen to me, and my husband and daughter would have to go on without me. But I just kept thinking to myself ‘what if my daughter needed this transplant?’” Within weeks of the surgery, Haley was back in school and Amanda back in the OR, both doing just fine. “I encourage everyone to donate because most people who need an organ die waiting for a transplant.”#GeisingerStories #NationalDonorDay
Amanda Rakowski - an OR nurse at Geisinger Wyoming Valley with her organ donor recipient
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