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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

Matt Rhoades and Brian Dugan share a lot of things - a love of music, a passion for motorcycles, the same sense of style. The best friends recently added a kidney to that list. The two met over a decade ago when Brian, right, was playing drums in the rock band True Becoming. Their friendship bloomed but recently it took on a whole new meaning. “We were tight before, but this is life-changing. It definitely brought us closer,” says Brian, who helplessly watched as 31-year-old Matt’s health deteriorated with his kidneys functioning at only 15%. “I was pretty much in shock. When you think of dialysis you think of being hooked to a machine 24/7. I would need to change my entire lifestyle,” says Matt. Friends and family lined up to help, but it was Brian who proved to be the real rock star when he matched as Matt’s kidney donor. “I was excited knowing I could help Matt,” Brian adds. When surgery day arrived, the pair walked into Geisinger Medical Center together, laughing and joking. Waking up from surgery, Matt wasn’t concerned about his own health. His first question was “How is Brian?” Today, they're bonded for life thanks to the efforts of the Geisinger transplant team and surgeons, nephrology doctors, nurses and dietitians who guided them through it all. And while Matt feels indebted to Brian for his sacrifice, Brian’s response to his friend is simple: “You don’t owe me anything. Just do good for the next person.” #GeisingerStories
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