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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

"I wouldn't have woken up one morning. I was that heavy and the pain was that bad. I could barely walk up the steps to use the bathroom in my own home," says Scranton native James Ross. At 530 pounds, the 37-year old father of five knew he needed to make a change. “I’d had enough. I couldn’t do things with my family anymore. My legs, knees and ankles deteriorated because I was so heavy. I had diabetes, high blood pressure and back pain.” In January 2015, James decided to enter Geisinger’s ProvenCare Bariatric Program under the guidance of weight management physician Dr. Jila Kaberi-Otarod and bariatric surgeon Dr. Jon Gabrielsen. Thanks to gastric bypass surgery and a dedication to daily workouts and a healthy diet, James dropped nearly 300 pounds. “Every day I tell myself, ‘you can do this’ - even if I’ve had a bad day. And I discipline myself. If I eat candy one day, I walk an extra mile the next.” Although the road hasn’t been easy, the payoff is worth it. “I feel invincible! I was limited by my weight before, now I can do anything. I can even outrun my kids.” #GeisingerStories
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