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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

"It was late afternoon and I wanted to mow my lawn. The rain made the long grass clog the blade, and when I gave the mower a shake, I slipped and the front of my foot went into the blade. It was a shocking moment," says Bill Kern. As the 35-year-old Dalton resident looked for a neighbor to call for help, the damage became clear. "When I was looking at my injury, I could see the white bone and that is when I realized this is bad." Disappointment washed over Bill, who had recently gotten into biking and running to lose weight and just completed his first race that same day. Despite a broken, partially severed big toe and the tip lobbed of the one next to it, Bill's care team at Geisinger, including a podiatrist on staff, kept him calm and got him back on his feet, so to speak, before too long. Now fully functioning and back to running and biking, Bill said he's more active than even before his injury. "I was impressed with the communication between the paramedic and the hospital. At my third follow-up, they said I was in the clear. I attribute that to a good surgeon and good care." #GeisingerStories
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