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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

"But I'm too young for a partial knee replacement!" thought Kimberly Delvecchio, a married mom with two young sons, when she heard her doctor's diagnosis of a re-injured torn meniscus. The 39-year-old Dunmore resident first hurt her knee while exercising, but a reconstructive scope in 2016 only lasted so long until the pain became unbearable again. Kimberly, an administrative assistant at Geisinger Community Medical Center, broke down when she realized she didn't have enough paid-time off to cover the February surgery and post-op recovery time she needed. However, her colleagues at Geisinger banded together to not only donate nine weeks’ worth of vacation time, but also provide Kimberly's family with dinners for a week. Thanks to the talented medical and surgical staff at GCMC, Kimberly is doing great. "I wanted to be with a care team I trusted, and I cannot tell you how much my family and I appreciated this. Geisinger truly does care for the whole patient - their physical and emotional needs, family included." #GeisingerStories
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