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“Men aren’t taught to do a self-breast exam.” Despite a family history of breast cancer, 62-year-old Daniel Walters admits it was the last thing on his mind. The Nicholson Township resident was doing yard work in January when he noticed a small, itchy bump near his left breast. Thinking it was a bug bite, Daniel did what many might - he ignored it. A few weeks later, squeezing behind the refrigerator while housecleaning, Daniel’s chest seared with pain. His wife, Georgina, discovered his nipple was inverted and swollen, and she felt a lump. Daniel’s ‘bug bite’ turned out to be large mass containing aggressive stage III cancer. The father-of-two underwent a mastectomy on his left side, along with the removal of 32 lymph nodes. During his treatment that followed, genetic testing revealed a positive BRCA2 gene mutation, so Daniel decided to have a preventive mastectomy on his right side in August. “Tell your doctor your family history, do a self-exam, learn the symptoms, look for the signs, get the word out to your siblings, your kids – cancer could be there. Everyone who has cancer needs to talk about cancer.” #BreastCancerAwareness #MaleBreastCancer

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