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Kennedie Huber is a star on the FC-90 club soccer team in Wilkes-Barre. At the end of her 2017 season, severe stomach pain forced her to take a timeout. For 11 months Kennedie saw 6 doctors, had 2 rounds of blood tests, and an ultrasound. Then the Huber family connected with pediatric pulmonologist Dr. Robert Kinsey. “He was the first doctor that really listened to us, and I’m telling you, he saved all of our lives,” said Kennedie’s dad, Jon Huber. Dr. Kinsey diagnosed the twelve-year-old with acid reflux. After one week on the prescribed medication she was back to normal. The starting center-midfielder for her middle-school soccer team feels great now and she still refers to Dr. Kinsey as “the cool doctor” at Geisinger. #GeisingerStories #AcidReflux #GERD #gastroenterology
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