The pregnancy was not exactly the smoothest, but I’m thankful it wasn’t more serious," says Tiffany Boozel whose son, Konnor, was born this past Dec. 3. Tiffany has a history of pre-term labor and when she was pregnant with her daughter, Kendall, she was told to rest and ultimately had a C-Section. For her second baby, she really hoped to deliver him by natural birth. Tiffany says her midwife, Amy Wan, “was a sincere source of motivation. Amy was extremely supportive and always available to ease my tensions. I looked forward to my appointments to see Amy."

Two nights before her due date, Tiffany started experiencing contractions and headed to the hospital.  "My labor was not progressing so I was induced. The labor room was extremely comfortable. My husband, Alex, was with me, the lights were dimmed and Amy and the nurses were so encouraging. My mother commented that I looked so calm and collected despite the pain. I had 12 hours of back labor and at 9:55 p.m., Konnor came into this world. I gained a son and had the most empowering birthing experience. Thank you Amy and the entire Geisinger Lewistown Hospital Women's Health team!" #GeisingerStories
Tiffany and Alex Boozel with their newborn son, Konner.
Amy Boozel holds her newborn son, Konner, while dad, Alex, looks down.