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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

“My heart kind of stopped. I was about to have my baby in the clinic,” says Heather Bartley about the birth of her second baby Nolan James Dieffenbacher. She was experiencing contractions and after two trips to Danville with false alarms she visited the Lock Haven clinic for a status check. “I was evaluated and the nurse said, ‘the baby’s head is right here!’”

Ob-Gyn Dr. Akeem Adigun was there to help bring Heather’s little baby into the world. “I take call in the labor and delivery unit in Danville and I deliver babies every week” said Dr. Adigun, “but not in the clinic!” 

“It took three pushes," continues Heather who explains she delivered in six minutes and without any medication. “The team helped me stay very calm and I was super happy about that. I didn’t think labor would be fun, but the nurses made it fun, they kept me calm even through contractions.” Now as a mom of 2 boys, she says, life is a “bit of an adjustment.” Her oldest son, Haiden Michael is nine and helps take care of little Nolan who she explains, “is a very happy baby.”
Heather Bartley  and son Nolan James Dieffenbacher
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