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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

“I went to the doctor, and they said, ‘There’s nothing wrong with your heart,’ but I knew, in my heart, there really was something wrong.” After being given a clean bill of health from her local clinic, Patricia Creveling collapsed at home. 

“I answered my phone and it was my mom, and she said, ‘I don’t feel well – actually, I feel worse,’” says Patricia’s daughter, Maureen Long, who is the site supervisor at Geisinger Dallas. “And while she was giving me her symptoms I was calling 911.”

“I called Maureen and before I knew it, the ambulance was there,” Patricia says. She was rushed to the hospital with minutes to live. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure

“She really got great care. I stayed there a couple days with her,” Maureen says. “We got her an appointment with Dr. Michael Kovalick here in Dallas. Now that I’ve met him, and I’m in the room she said, ‘There can never be another.’”

Thanks to Dr. Kovalick and his team, Patricia is feeling better than ever and urges everyone to be an advocate for their own health.

That’s led to Maureen and Patricia participating in Heart Walks.

“The reason why I started with the Heart Walk is because I felt like I should do something,” Maureen says. “I felt, because of her symptoms, everyone should be aware that this could happen to their mom – this could happen to them.”

“Three months later I went and did another 5K,” Patricia says. “I gotta go, I gotta do, I’m not one to sit down and do nothing.”
Patricia Creveling and Maureen Legg
Patricia Creveling and daughter Maureen Long
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