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“Growing up, someone very close to me was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer,” says Erica Horn, a registered nurse at Geisinger Bloomsburg Hospital. “After seeing the great care the nurses provided, my sister and I both decided we would become nurses in her honor.”
Joining Geisinger in November, Erica now works in the Labor and Delivery Unit at GBH. Her nursing journey first began at her hometown Chambersburg Hospital, where she interned and then accepted an RN position. 

Ryan Dailey, a registered nurse at Geisinger Medical Center, provided the defining moment that brought Erica into the Geisinger family. Ryan and Erica met at her sister’s wedding in May 2016 and soon after, began dating. It was then that Erica learned of Ryan’s family legacy with Geisinger — his great uncle was Dr. Harold Foss, Geisinger’s first chief of staff whom Abigail Geisinger hired to run her hospital in 1915. Ryan’s grandfather was Dr. Samuel Morrison, chief of Pediatrics from 1958 – 1975; and his mom, Joan Dailey, is a former GMC X-ray technician who now works at our sleep lab.

With this heritage, Ryan knew at a young age that he, too, was destined for a medical career, and most especially, a career at Geisinger. In high school, he took a healthcare fundamentals course, enrolled in a co-op program and worked summers at GMC while pursuing his nursing degree at college.   
Despite their mutual love of nursing and Ryan’s strong family ties to Geisinger, Erica had never visited GMC until a few months ago. Last fall, Ryan invited her to join him and his family for an annual pediatrics lecture held in memory of his grandfather. “I was blown away by the atmosphere at Geisinger,” she says. “I was finally able to see myself living and working here. I submitted my application shortly after that lecture and visit.”
Erica says what she enjoys about Geisinger are the people she works with and meets each day. “From the receptionist that greets you the moment you walk in, to everyone you pass in the hall, the employees here make you feel incredibly welcome and like family. I love the small-town atmosphere of Bloomsburg while still being part of an innovative, nationally-recognized health system.”
What Ryan finds truly rewarding is working in critical care. “When patients come to critical care, it’s a hard time for them and that means they need a lot of hands-on nursing care. I love to see patients progress in their recovery and eventually walk out the door.” 
Erica feels the same about working in Labor and Delivery. “I feel very privileged to be able to care for my patients and go that extra mile to make their labor experience one of the most memorable times of their life.”
Just as Geisinger has evolved throughout its century of growth and innovation, the family legacy that began with Dr. Foss has continued through generations to the current Dailey family. Today, Ryan and Erica share that same sense of purpose, a dedication to helping others. They also share personal satisfaction in knowing they are carrying on the great work of caring begun more than 100 years ago. 

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Geisinger nurses Ryan Dailey and Erica  Horn
Geisinger registered nurses Ryan Dailey and Erica Horn