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“I was sitting in a restaurant with my mom and I overheard a young girl poke fun at my weight,” says Becky Carl. “That’s when I knew I had to go through with bariatric surgery.”  The Milton resident spends her summers on the fair circuit serving up soft-serve for the masses. She grew up in the ice cream business with her parents and loves developing new flavors.

Nine years ago, Becky learned she was pre-diabetic and had stage-three liver cirrhosis. At 313 pounds, she needed to make a change. “After trying countless diet and exercise routines I realized lifestyle changes weren’t going to be enough.” Becky’s mother had bariatric surgery with great success. Her experience and support helped Becky as she decided to have weight loss surgery.

After surgery, Becky’s care team introduced her to the Get-2-Goal mobile app. It tracks progress with weight loss and sets expectations for the kind of weight she could lose over time. “It’s great because it shows when I did really well. The weight was falling off me!”

Becky has maintained a healthy weight for over seven years. “I feel more like me, and I was so happy to learn that there’s life after bariatric surgery.” Working at a soft-serve ice cream place gives her the opportunity to indulge in a delicious taste when she wants it, but her commitment to a healthy lifestyle gives her the discipline to only have one!
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