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“I used to keep an inhaler under my pillow,” says Grace Carmenatty, of Wilkes-Barre, who’s suffered from asthma since the age of 3. After a severe attack in the middle of the night ended with a trip to the ER, the grandmother of 8 was determined to stop letting asthma control her life. “I understand I can’t have carpet or pets, but I was done missing holidays with my family because getting dressed was too hard.”

That’s when Grace sought treatment at Geisinger Wyoming Valley’s asthma clinic and found Louis Vender, a respiratory therapist who helps coach asthmatics through pulmonary function tests. “This test screens her lung capacity and helps physicians prescribe a better treatment plan for her specific asthma. “Asking someone who suffers from serve asthma to take deep breaths is hard, that’s where I come in,” laughs Louis.

Now, Grace feels better than ever. “I don’t just have an inhaler to help me breathe, I have this whole clinic.” 

For more information on Geisinger Wyoming Valley’s asthma clinic, call 570-808-5770.

Grace Carmenatty having a breathing treatment with Louis Vender
Grace Carmenatty receiving treatment with respiratory therapist Louis Vender. 
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