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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

“Luke was out on his dirt bike with his friend,” says Janine Verdetto, of her 17-year old son. “He got into a freak accident while riding.”

Rushed by ambulance to Geisinger Community Medical Center with a broken left arm and shattered right wrist, the North Pocono high school senior’s situation was further complicated when he developed compartment syndrome – a limb-threatening condition that occurs from extreme pressure, often due to traumatic injury Dr. Theodore Tomaszewski, orthopaedic trauma surgeon, performed emergency surgery on Luke that night.

The next several weeks brought two more surgeries, including bone repairs in both of Luke’s arms and wrist, performed by orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Gregory Thomas, and a skin graft performed by plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Bormes; wound therapy; and an intense rehabilitation program.

Recovering in his hospital bed after surgery, the spirited senior realized he still needed to ask his girlfriend, Amy, to prom. He asked his mom for a single rose from the gift shop, and Luke’s team of GCMC nurses jumped to the occasion. 

“They were amazing!” recalls Janine. “They colored a sign, hung it on the window and chipped in for a teddy bear. It was a very difficult time for all of us, but everyone here really helped keep his spirits up.”

Thanks to his care and determination, Luke was able to attend prom –donning an external fixator device under his custom-made suit. The happy couple was even crowned prom king and queen. 

In mid-June, Luke became a graduate of the class of 2018. 

“He’s well on his way to recovery,” says Janine.
Luke Verdetto and his girlfriend Amy
Luke and Amy
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