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“I am determined to transform the patient and provider experience,” says Sanjay Doddamani, MD,Chief Medical Officer for Geisinger at Home, as he passionately describes why he embraces a new care model that benefits patients with medically complex, chronic conditions. 

“In 2012 I joined the Geisinger team as a specialty leader in advanced heart failure and mechanical circulatory support (LVAD implantable durable heart pump),” says Dr. Doddamani. I soon realized that a gap in care existed and that many patients needed a greater level of ‘touch’ that simply didn’t exist under the traditional model of care.”

The Geisinger at Home model is an extension of both primary care and specialty care, delivered by an integrated team of healthcare professionals, directly to patients in their homes. Dr. Doddamani shares: “I’m delivering bedside care, but now the bed is in the patient’s home. My satisfaction comes from producing better patient outcomes with greater efficiency. I want to inspire people to work in a more integrated fashion throughout all of health care. I am excited to work in this new environment where we are connecting patients to the best possible care within their homes. It’s why I choose to stay at Geisinger.”

Angie Nardi, RN, case manager with Geisinger at Home, worked in various coronary and cardiac thoracic units before joining Geisinger as a medical home case manager in 2015. “For me personally, the perks of working with the Geisinger at Home program include a flexible schedule, competitive pay, and the autonomy to make decisions and close collaboration with providers,” says Angie. “Geisinger at Home is the perfect marriage of acute bedside nursing with comprehensive care management. The team is like a family. We’re all highly skilled, like-minded and work very closely together. I love the personal benefits of working here while knowing that I’m using my nursing skills in the very best way to benefit patients.”

Lori Jordan, nurse practitioner with Geisinger at Home, chose a healthcare career because of her mom. “My mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer at a relatively young age. I saw her struggle and was terrified. To calm my fears, my older sisters – both nurses – allowed me to participate in her care, and that was a healing experience for both my mom and me. It made me realize I wanted to be a nurse to help people through similar experiences.”

Joining Geisinger Wyoming Valley as the second Advanced Practitioner in the Cardiology Department, Lori credits many at the hospital with helping to promote her career. “Thanks to the support of my mentor, the wonderful cardiologists and so many others with whom I worked, I became one of the first people certified in heart failure in Northeast Pennsylvania.”

When asked what she enjoys most about working at Geisinger, Lori talks about new programs and new opportunities. “Innovative programs such as Geisinger at Home allow me to help people navigate the course of chronic illnesses in their own home with the support of their loving family. I’m excited to be a pioneer in this new model of care.”
Dr. Sanjay Doddamani and Angie Nardi
Dr. Sanjay Doddamani and Angie Nardi