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Louis Powell of Hanover Township knew he was in trouble.
"I was outside at shift change around midnight, and I was sweating profusely, pacing like a lion in the parkade. The pain got worse and worse.“
Clenching his chest, the longtime security officer at Geisinger South Wilkes-Barre walked with a colleague to the newly opened Emergency Department.
That’s when the first domino tipped, setting off a cascade of emergency care.
Shawn Clark, DO, immediately started an EKG and administered life-saving medications. The Wilkes-Barre City Fire Department’s ambulance crew transported Mr. Powell to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, where a cardiac team led by Mark Bernardi, DO, assembled for his arrival.
One hour and three stents later, the 67-year-old gardener realized he was lucky to still be here.
“I was in the right place at the right time — or maybe the wrong time. But they were all over it. Couldn’t get me in a bed quick enough. Couldn’t ask for anything better. Let me tell you, they did what they are supposed to do. I should have been dead."
Mr. Powell and his wife Catherine visited Dr. Clark recently, joined by Gerald Maloney, DO, chief medical officer of Geisinger hospitals.
They shook hands, smiled, and shared memories going back nearly two decades — truly a reunion to celebrate.
“We know Dr. Maloney well,” Mr. Powell said. “He saved my wife 18 years ago.”
Ms. Powell was having a heart attack, and her heart stopped. “He brought me back right here in this same hospital,” Ms. Powell said.
Mr. Powell added: "I gotta say: Anyone comes in, they’re ready. I know they’re ready."
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