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"I was mumbling, incoherent, my eyes were rolling back into my head,” says Christine McHale of Scranton. “My husband told me he couldn't understand anything I was saying, and I wasn’t even standing up straight.” This happened while the 46-year-old was out with her husband in March 2018. After an MRI, doctors confirmed Christine had an aneurysm in her brain.

"When I first heard about it, I was like, 'What do you mean, an aneurysm?’ I thought there'd be signs, you know?"  
Christine prepared for a September surgery that would clip the blood supply to the aneurysm. “I didn’t expect the pre-surgery instructions. A week before surgery I was told to drink these protein shakes."

She is one of about 350 Geisinger patients chosen to be part of ProvenRecovery — a new program to speed up patient recovery after surgery. Before their procedure, patients drink high-protein, high-nutrition shakes to boost their immune system. Making sure patients are healthy as they can be before surgery, as well as using just the right amount of pain medicine, gets patients back on their feet faster.

"I expected to be hospitalized for weeks, but I had the surgery on a Monday morning and I was out of bed and walking that evening,” Christine marvels. “I went home two days later. It was hard to believe!”

Christine McHale Brain Aneurysm Patient
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