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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

Geisinger’s lifetime hip and knee guarantee stands behind patients’ hip and knee replacements for life

“I couldn’t get up. I couldn’t put my socks on. I’d put my foot in my shoe and then my husband or daughter would have to tie it,” recalls Cheryl Bednar of Laflin. The 54-year-old had been experiencing chronic pain in her lower back for quite some time, and now it had begun to interfere with her day-to-day life.

Cheryl is an active person. Prior to her hip pain, she would actively ski, ride a mountain bike, play basketball and golf. “Then I just started to slow down,” Cheryl remembers. “I thought the pain was in my lower back, so I went to a neurosurgeon who told me the pain wasn’t in my back. Then I went to pain management and that worked for about a year.”

X-ray reveals deteriorating hip

Cheryl then met with Dr. James Murphy, a board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in adult reconstruction, at Geisinger’s orthopaedic clinic in Wilkes-Barre.

“Dr. Murphy showed me my X-ray and explained that my hip was deteriorating… I didn’t want surgery, but I was struggling to get dressed and had unbearable pain. I needed surgery,” says Cheryl.

In February 2018, Cheryl had total hip replacement surgery. She received anterior hip surgery at Geisinger South Wilkes-Barre under our lifetime hip warranty program. Geisinger’s lifetime hip program, in partnership with Medacta —a global leader in orthopaedic medical devices—, is a collaboration that stands by hip or knee replacements for life. This means that if you need any follow-up care related to your surgery, Geisinger and Medacta International will stand behind the full cost of care, as long as you remain in the care of a Geisinger healthcare provider and are a Geisinger Health Plan member.

The total hip replacement surgery, also available as knee replacement or knee revision surgery, is based on a less-invasive surgical technique developed by Medacta. This approach involves no muscle detachment and only requires an incision through the front of the hip. Typically, this means faster recovery, allowing patients to return to daily activities sooner compared to traditional hip replacement surgeries.

Life after anterior hip replacement surgery

Not only does this surgical method allow for shorter recovery time, but as part of Geisinger’s ProvenCare® program, there’s also a reduction in the need for pain medications.

One year after anterior hip surgery, Cheryl is thriving. This past winter, she got back to doing some of the things she loves and missed before having her hip replacement surgery.

“My whole life was impacted by not being able to do basic things. This winter we snow-shoed and went cross-country skiing again,” says Cheryl. “I’m looking forward to gardening again this summer. I’m glad I got a lifetime hip because I plan on using it for the rest of my life. I am so grateful to Dr. Murphy. I’m so glad I had surgery, and I’m so glad Dr. Murphy was my surgeon.”

Learn more about the Geisinger lifetime hip and lifetime knee program.

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