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Jewel Peachey is one of Geisinger’s gems. She is hard working, dependable, experienced and knowledgeable in the field of nursing and nursing education. And in a matter of years, she will earn her master’s in nursing degree and be debt free, thanks to Geisinger’s employee tuition reimbursement program.
Jewel began her career journey at Geisinger as a nurse extern in 2002. She went on to serve on the Medical-Surgical and Pediatric Units as a registered nurse in 2004, where she continues to work two days per month. 
“Jewel has conveyed a consistent commitment to our patients, community and organization, and maintains a high level of professional standards and compassion,” remarks her nursing operations manager of 15 years, Karen Napikoski. Karen continues, “Jewel communicates self-assurance and encourages confidence in others.”
Jewel is thankful for the ability to journey through a professional career pathway because of the support programs and professional development Geisinger offers employees. “Geisinger (Lewistown Hospital at the time) allowed me the opportunity to experience nursing while still a student as an extern in several departments.” She continues, “these experiences greatly increased my confidence in my nursing skills and allowed me to develop relationships within the organization that encouraged me to return as a nurse. As a new nurse, I was able to take advantage of the loan forgiveness program that was offered at the time (by Lewistown Hospital).”
As Jewel continued to work on the floor, additional leadership opportunities, such as being a charge nurse, and career development opportunities, like assisting in projects and education, continued to progress her growth as a nurse. 
Jewel credits Karen for being instrumental in developing her career. Karen notes, “Jewel performed as a leader, coach and mentor. She accepted the role of educating our team on pediatric care and was — and continues to be — a supportive and inspirational member of our nursing team.”
Jewel’s professional ambition did not get in her way of caring for her family, though. She spent a lot of time at home when her four children were very young. “I was grateful for the ability to work flex during that time.” She continues, “this enabled me to focus on raising my children but also allowed me to keep up my nursing skills. I appreciate the flexibility I had to focus on my family while still having career opportunities available.”
In 2018, Jewel took on an additional flex job working in GLH’s education department as a CPR instructor where she was able to continue to share her knowledge and passion for nursing. In March 2019, she accepted a role as a part-time nursing professional development generalist (nurse educator). This new role allows her to pursue another passion of hers — teaching.
Jewel is currently pursuing a master’s degree from American Sentinel University in nursing education. She notes, “without the incentive of the tuition reimbursement, I would probably not be pursuing my master’s degree today. I am very thankful to Geisinger for the many opportunities it has provided me.”
Jewel Peachey, RN, will earn her master’s in nursing degree and be debt free, thanks to Geisinger’s employee tuition reimbursement program.
Alex Haines, RN, flight nurse with Geisinger LifeFlight®

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