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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

Continuing to serve others at Geisinger for over 10 years.

From the time he joined the U.S. Army as a high school graduate to when he left the National Guard as a sergeant, Rory Reed, information technology program director at Geisinger, developed a desire to make a difference through his service. When he first came to Geisinger more than 10 years ago, he knew he would be able to continue this mission of service to others.

“Geisinger has provided many opportunities for me as both a project manager and a veteran,” says Rory. “I feel fortunate to be able to use the skills I established as a sergeant to better the organization. And I especially feel empowered by the strides Geisinger is making for veterans within the organization and our community.” 

According to Rory, it’s the leadership skills he developed in the military that have helped him to be successful at Geisinger. 

“As I see it, once a soldier, always a soldier,” says Rory. “In the Army, I was responsible for leading and training my troops so we could effectively complete our assignment. I use the same skills to lead my team at Geisinger.”

Serving from coast to coast

Before settling in Pennsylvania, the Missouri native’s military assignment as a communications equipment operator took him from coast to coast — from basic training in Fort Jackson, S. C., to serving a three-year tour in Fort Ord, Calif.

But this was nothing new for Rory. Even before he enlisted, he had attended five different high schools in four different states and spent two summers overseas. 

Although a former job eventually brought him to Muncy, Pa., it’s his job at Geisinger that’s made him stay.

“Simply put, Geisinger has been a great place to work,” says Rory, “I’ve had the chance to hold several project management roles that allowed me to make meaningful contributions to the organization and enhance my leadership skills — two factors that have greatly shaped my experience here.”

Rory also added that his family has embraced the transition to central Pennsylvania. “Muncy reminds me of my hometown in Missouri — and my family loves it here.”

A veteran group brings camaraderie to the workplace

Perhaps one of Rory’s favorite roles yet has been through his involvement with VetNet, Geisinger’s employee resource group for veterans. Working alongside other veterans, Rory is helping to build a sense of camaraderie that so many veterans are looking for once their military service ends. 

“The military tells you what to do and when to do it, so acclimating to civilian life can be very difficult,” says Rory. “That’s why initiatives like VetNet are so important. Other veterans were there for me when I needed them, and now it’s my turn to be there for others. They need our support.”

As an active member of VetNet, Rory attends monthly meetings, participates in veteran town hall events and helps coordinate the recognition of veteran employees. He also shares information about events in the community, helping connect Geisinger vets with local veteran groups. 

“I regularly participate in my local Veterans Day parade because it gives me a chance to connect with other veterans and community members,” says Rory. “And I participate in Veterans Day events at Geisinger for the same reason. It’s a great way to bring us all together to thank those who made the ultimate sacrifice.”

Looking toward the future

Geisinger’s forward-thinking has already had a huge impact on Rory and, according to him, has made his time here a growing and learning experience. 

“I’m proud of the time I served in the military,” says Rory. “I’ve learned more about discipline and strength than I ever could have imagined, and I feel like I’m a better person and professional because of it. I want to use my leadership skills to continue to grow at Geisinger and help to create similar opportunities for veterans like me.”

Next steps:

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