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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

Learn about the benefits of seeing a Geisinger 65 Forward primary care physician and about the services our practices offer.

by Dr. George Avetian, family medicine physician at Geisinger 65 Forward 

Choosing your primary care physician (PCP) gives you the opportunity to find your best partner in managing your health. Let’s take a look at the role and duties of a PCP and the benefits of choosing a Geisinger 65 Forward doctor.

What is a primary care physician?

A primary care physician (also called a primary care doctor, primary care provider or PCP) is considered your main doctor and the one who can address most of your health concerns. PCPs provide routine checkups and screenings, care for chronic conditions and treat common illnesses and injuries.

Primary care physicians help with several aspects of your healthcare, including: 

  • Keeping you healthy through preventive care by tracking your health at regular preventive health screenings. 
  • Helping you manage chronic health conditions, including diabetes, asthma, heart disease, arthritis and more.
  • Coordinating your care by referring you to the appropriate specialist, like an endocrinologist, psychiatrist or surgeon, if you have a health concern that’s medically complex. This especially comes in handy if you have complicated medical issues that require you to see multiple specialists. 
  • Offering support and treatment when unexpected health issues occur, from colds, rashes and ear infections to common injuries like pulled muscles or sprains. 

For those age 65 and older, it’s important to look for a PCP who specializes in senior health. As we get older, our healthcare needs change, which is why you may want to consider choosing a senior health-focused primary care physician, like the team of doctors at Geisinger 65 Forward.

When it comes to finding a primary care doctor who’s right for you, Geisinger 65 Forward offers “Meet the Doctor” events where you can meet our doctors, learn about the services offered in our clinics and more.

Meeting our doctors in person can help you identify someone who you’ll trust and enjoy working with. You can find out about upcoming Geisinger 65 Forward events, including “Meet the Doctor” events, here. Simply choose the location that’s closest to you.

A new approach to healthcare

If you’re 65 or older (and a Geisinger Gold Medicare Advantage member), we offer a type of healthcare designed just for you. Geisinger 65 Forward is a new, holistic approach to primary care medicine created exclusively for people 65+. 

With this program, you’ll get:

  • Same-day appointments: See your doctor, faster
  • Longer visits: More 1:1 time with your doctor
  • Everything under one roof: On-site lab, imaging, mental health services and more
  • Social + educational activities: Chair yoga, ceramics, card games and other activities fill your calendar and keep you healthier and happier — for free
  • A personal wellness plan: State-of-the-art fitness equipment, exercise classes and wellness coordinators help you stay on track with your goals

Geisinger 65 Forward health and wellness centers offer everything you need under one roof in a calm, relaxing environment that feels more like a spa than a clinic.

How can I join Geisinger 65 Forward?

Signing up is easy. All you have to do is be 65 or older and have Geisinger Gold (Medicare Advantage) insurance. 

Have questions related to Geisinger Gold? Our insurance specialists are here Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. to answer your questions. Call us for more information: 570-207-5970.

Next steps:

Learn more about Geisinger 65 Forward
Make an appointment with George Avetian, DO 
Learn more about Geisinger Gold

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