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Winter is here again. Days are shorter, nights are longer and it’s getting colder every day. Is it any wonder so many animals hibernate?

You and I don’t have that luxury, but that doesn’t mean sleep isn’t important. And we’re exploring just how important it is — for kids, for teens and for adults — in our winter issue.

Does seasonal affective disorder bring your energy level down? We’ll look at how to manage it.

Does insomnia keep you staring at the clock? Some tips on sleep aids might help you find the one that’s right for you.

Maybe someone else’s snoring is keeping you awake. It could be sleep apnea. Read about it here: the causes, the symptoms, the treatments and what you (or your bedmate) can expect from a night at a sleep lab.

And since hospitals never sleep, we wanted to introduce you to some people who work the night shift. I’ve done it myself, and I know it has its own set of challenges — and rewards.

I hope you enjoy this edition of PA Health and I wish you and your family a festive (and restful) season.

Jaewon Ryu, MD, JD, Geisinger President and Chief Executive Officer

Jaewon Ryu, MD, JD
President and CEO

A wintry stream in northeast Pennsylvania.
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