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Follow these tips to keep the fire burning in your relationship.

One of life’s pleasures — being intimate — changes over time, just like everything else. 

“Sex can still be fulfilling as you age, even if it’s not quite the same as it was in your 20s and 30s,” says Jovan Adams, DO, family medicine physician at Geisinger 65 Forward.

You can keep the heat in your relationship if you change the way you think about it. Start with these things to maintain a healthy and fulfilling love life.

Put an end to painful sex

When you enter menopause, estrogen levels decrease. This may lead to vaginal dryness or slower sexual arousal, which can make sex uncomfortable or even painful. Painful sex may make you want to avoid it altogether. But relief isn’t far away.

To put an end to the discomfort, start by talking to your healthcare provider. They can recommend medications or other treatments, so you can focus on your own enjoyment.

Express yourself

When it comes to emotions and thoughts impacting your sexual health, communication is everything.

“Being honest with your partner about what you’re feeling, emotionally and physically, is key to staying close,” says Dr. Adams. Help them understand what you want — and ask about their desires. 

Feel like things are getting in the way of sexual intimacy? Consider speaking to your healthcare provider or counselor. They can help you deal with emotions and stress and help you focus on reconnecting with your partner.

Date each other

Explore new things together that can strengthen your bond. A date night is a great way to connect with your partner outside of the day-to-day. Need some ideas? Consider these to get started:

  • Hold hands when you’re on the couch or in the car
  • Order takeout and get cozy
  • Plan an activity you both enjoy
  • Take a walk together
  • Try something new, like a paint and sip night or a cooking class

Switch up your routine

Too tired to enjoy intimacy at night? Have sex in the morning when you’re feeling rested. To keep comfortable, try different positions, or prop yourself up with a pillow. And for even more excitement, don’t confine yourself to the bedroom. Consider being intimate in other rooms or the shower.

Be your healthiest version of you

Keep your sex life strong with healthy habits beyond the bedroom. Dr. Adams says good health overall will help keep the allure alive. 

  • Exercise often
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Don’t smoke
  • Reduce stress
  • See your healthcare provider for regular checkups

“These can all play a role in making you feel good, healthy and sexy at any age,” says Dr. Adams.

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