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Geisinger Gold health and wellness programs

Our health and wellness programs can help you develop healthy habits for life. We focus on physical, mental and emotional wellness needs.

Online services

Health assessment – personal health record

Our members can get a personalized health assessment report, receiving a score from 0-100. The score incorporates a variety of factors including, but not limited to, blood glucose, blood pressure, emotional health, tobacco use, nutrition and physical exercise. In each category, members can get more information and tips on how to improve their lifestyle.

Wellness challenges

Unique wellness challenges and competitions help motivate and empower our members to meet their goals - whether they’re looking for something to do on their own or they’d like to share the enthusiasm with a team, we have what they’re looking for.

Enroll in Geisinger Gold to improve your health and wellness today.

Online education workshops

Workshops focus on a variety of conditions and lifestyle changes and offer weekly tasks such as educational reading, exercise and nutrition logs to help members reach their goals.

A few of the wellness workshops we offer our members include:

  • Healthy Aging
  • Understanding Back Pain
  • Diabetes Prevention
  • Financial Wellness
  • The Building Blocks of Good Nutrition
  • Personality and Stress
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Life Balance

Personalized online tools

Our members can get a snapshot of their current health as the first step toward reaching their health and wellness goals. We offer a variety of health education workshops and ways to track personal health, nutrition and fitness data.

To measure their progress, members can take advantage of our online logs that include logging capabilities for:

  • Weight
  • Steps taken each day
  • Blood glucose
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Heart rate

Mental health and substance abuse resources

We have a variety of online resources available for members who are feeling stressed, anxious and/or depressed. These tools include, a depression self-assessment, as well as “live and work well” tools to assist those who may be coping with stress, living with a chronic medical condition, seeking relationship assistance or dealing with other challenging situations.

Meal planner and recipe bank

To help our members maintain or lose weight, we offer free daily meal plan options. Members can select their calorie range and choose a food plan (with options such as diabetes diet, gluten-free, heart healthy, vegan, vegetarian and more) to receive a daily meal plan tailored to their preferences. They can also view their personalized nutritional needs (based on current weight and daily activity level) to learn how many calories they should be consuming to maintain or lose weight, as well as the healthy amount vitamins and minerals recommended each day.
Our Wellness Recipe Box provides a variety of healthy recipes for appetizers, soups, meat-based dishes, vegetarian meals and more!

Services in person and by phone

Certified health coaches

We provide health coaching services that cover a wide variety of healthcare needs. Programs range from lifestyle coaching to basic health management. We offer valuable wellness services in person and by phone.

A Matter of Balance 

In this program, participants aim to improve quality of life, remain independent and reduce the risk of falling by learning simple exercises to increase strength and balance. It is an evidence-based program created with support from the National Institute on Aging. The program includes lectures, group discussion, problem-solving, role-playing activities and home assignments.

senior couple at home with nurse learning about wellness methods
We offer valuable wellness services in person and by phone.
Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)

Our Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) helps people who are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes learn health eating, increase physical activity, lose weight, manage stress with relaxation techniques and learn coping skills to make healthy lifestyle changes and lower glucose and A1C. The DPP, an evidence-based program developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), includes 16 one-hour sessions in an interactive group setting for the first six months. Participants in the program also receive continued support offered during the maintenance phase, which consists of monthly sessions for an additional six months.

Kick the tobacco habit

We know how difficult it can be to stop using tobacco. Our smoking cessation program can help. We provide support through phone, group, or web-based counseling, helping our members quit the tobacco habit by teaching them ways to change their behavior.

Freedom from Smoking ® 

Freedom from Smoking® is an eight-session, interactive program developed by the American Lung Association, that provides skills and support to help tobacco users conquer their addiction. Participants learn about lifestyle changes to make quitting easier and coping strategies for managing stress and avoiding weight gain. Join us if you are ready to quit smoking!

Live Your Best Life

Managing chronic illnesses is an important step to take when maintaining your health. Our Live Your Best Life program is open to adults who want to learn how to improve their quality of life while coping with a chronic or long-term condition. This evidence-based program, originally developed by Stanford University and held worldwide, involves an interactive group program that welcomes participants’ family members, spouses, friends and/or caregivers to attend. You’ll learn healthy eating habits, exercise tips, and relaxation techniques and how to set goals for improving your chronic condition.  

Live Your Best Life with Diabetes

Our Live Your Best Life with Diabetes is open to adults who want to learn how to improve their quality of life while coping with diabetes. Participants in this evidence-based program, originally developed by Stanford University and held worldwide, attend sessions together to help gain support and start new friendships. You’ll learn healthy eating habits, exercise and relaxation techniques, lifestyle changes to lower glucose and A1C, how to monitor blood sugar and medication education, as well as skin and foot care. This program is interactive, which means family members, spouses, friends and caregivers are welcome to attend.

Mental health and substance abuse resources

For those who may be feeling stressed, anxious and/or depressed, we offer a personal care advocate who members can speak directly with for guidance. Our members can also see a mental health professional without having to obtain a referral.

Specialized nurses

Led by our registered nurses, our health and case management programs focus on providing personalized care, education and guidance on various chronic health conditions. We collaborate with primary care physicians (the main doctor who manages your care) to develop a plan of care and optimize treatment plans to help our members meet their goals.


Medical help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone. Non-emergency medical advice is also available through our nurse chat line.


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