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Getting an estimate

The GHP Kids Member Handbook provides a full description of benefits and services available to CHIP-eligible children and teens.

The following chart can help you determine what cost (if any) is associated with CHIP coverage for your child or teen:

  1. In the Income section, locate the number of people in your household.
  2. Find the range that matches the age of your children and your household’s annual gross income.
  3. Look down the row in the Cost section to see the approximate, average monthly premium cost per child and copayments for doctor visits, drugs, and more.

Example: A five-person household with an annual gross income (that’s income before taxes) of $75,000 will have an average monthly premium of $85 per child, plus copayments for any visits, drugs, ER visits, etc.

Download CHIP income chart

What does GHP Kids cost?

Depending on your family's income, most children are covered for free or at a low cost.

If your family income is too low for CHIP, your child may be enrolled in Medical Assistance. Learn more about GHP Family, our plan for Medical Assistance recipients.

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