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MP004-Biofeedback for Non-Behavioral Health Indications
Biofeedback for Non-Behavioral Health Indications is a procedure that uses cognitive and behavioral techniques to teach the patient self-regulation of biologic processes.

MP249-Bioimpedance Spectroscopy
Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is a noninvasive technique which passes a small electrical current through the body, then measures the amount of resistance to the flow of the current. 

MP326-Biomarker Testing for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Assessment of disease activity is an important component of management of rheumatoid arthritis. Disease activity is determined using a combination of physical exam, radiologic findings, and serum biomarkers that result in a disease activity score.

MP141-Biventricular Pacemaker/Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy 
Biventricular pacing (aka: cardiac resynchronization therapy – CRT) is a pacemaker that utilizes three leads (one in the right atrium, and one in each ventricle) to electrically pace and coordinate the synchronous contraction of both ventricles of the heart, thereby improving hemodynamic status.

Blepharoplasty can be defined as any eyelid surgery that improves abnormal function, reconstructs deformities, or enhances appearance. It may be either reconstructive or cosmetic.

MP029-Bone Growth Stimulator
Bone growth stimulation is a medical procedure to aid in bone healing. Both internal (invasive) and external (non-invasive) devices are available. Non-invasive stimulators use either pulsed electromagnetic fields, capacitative coupling, or ultrasound.

MP284-Bone Mineral Density Measurement
Bone mineral density measurements is non-invasive and is used to measure bone mineral content and density to detect osteoporosis and predict the risk of fractures.

MP281-Bone Morphogenetic Protein
Bone morphogenetic protein is naturally occurring protein found in human bone which plays an active role in bone formation. There are several bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) that have been identified.

MP099-Breast Implants – Removal
At the time of the FDA hearing on silicone breast implants in February of 1992, the FDA advised that ruptured silicone implants should be removed since the health risks of extruded silicone are not known.

MP354-Breast Pump
Breast pumps are considered to be medically necessary during the 3rd trimester or postpartum period for breastfeeding.

MP064-Breast Reconstruction Surgery
Reconstructive breast surgery in men or women may be performed in connection with a mastectomy lumpectomy, or breast trauma causing disfigurement to re-establish symmetry between the two breasts.

MP250-Bronchial Thermoplasty
Bronchial thermoplasty is a procedure believed to treat severe persistent asthma in patients whose asthma is not well controlled with conventional drug therapy.

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