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Geisinger Medical Center

Geisinger Administrative Fellowship

“With so much change occurring across healthcare, Geisinger’s Administrative Fellowship Program is an excellent opportunity to ensure that not only Geisinger, but other health systems, have highly competent and compassionate leaders who are well prepared for the diverse challenges healthcare administrators face. Because learning is one of our five values, this program exemplifies our commitment to education and serves as a valuable training ground for tomorrow’s healthcare leaders.”
- Jaewon Ryu, MD
President and CEO, Geisinger

Why Geisinger?

Former fellows explain why Geisinger's Administrative Fellowship was the perfect fit for them:

  • Fellows engage to solve real-world problems: "The Geisinger fellowship encourages you to chart your own course. I think I’ve been successful because open-minded preceptors allowed me to work on a diverse portfolio of projects."
  • Fellows form deep, lasting bonds with mentors: “The important thing about the fellowship is that it not only led to my first job, but to the next one and the next one. All the learning and experience, plus those foundational relationships, really set my career trajectory.”
  • Fellows benefit from a robust peer network: “From the exposure to leadership to the fact that I could see our strategy being executed every day, my fellowship was excellent. I also found an instant social and professional network with current and former fellows.”
  • Fellows get a longitudinal experience in an integrated health system: “Geisinger fellows are at the intersection of a hospital system, community health and Geisinger’s health plan. My experiences spanned these areas and included helping to lead innovative initiatives like Geisinger at Home... My fellowship gave me real world experience with real world impact. There’s just no substitute for being on the hot seat.”